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When and what vaccinations do I need?

When and what vaccinations do I need?


A professional travel vaccination service or travel clinic will advise you of the vaccinations you need depending on your country of travel; whether you are on holiday or perhaps working or studying in this location which can also be relevant.  Touchwood Pharmacy runs a comprehensive travel clinic and can advise you of the recommended vaccines for travellers.

Here are some of the recommended vaccines for travellers:-

  • Hepatitis A vaccinationrecommended if you are travelling to countries such as Asia, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and South and Central America where there is poor sanitation and hygiene.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination – found in similar parts of the world to Hepatitis A, the vaccine for Hepatitis B is usually given to those people who are travelling in parts of the world where Hepatitis B is common and who are staying away for long periods or who may need medical intervention for other reasons whilst they are abroad
  • Japanese Encephalitis vaccinationusually recommended for long stay rather than short-stay travellers and those visiting rural areas particularly during the rainy season and intending to cycle or camp there
  • Meningococcal meningitis vaccinationfor long-term travellers in close contact with the local population.  In Saudi Arabia, this is a mandatory vaccination for adults travelling to Saudi for Haj or Umrah pilgrimages and it is necessary to have a vaccination certificate as a proof.
  • Rabies vaccinationfor those going to areas where there is a high risk of rabies and poor medical care standards
  • Typhoid fever vaccinationfor travel to Africa, parts of south and southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent and parts of the Middle East if you are likely to be living and working with local people

Take advice from your GP or our travel clinic if you are in any doubt about which vaccinations you should have.  You should always ensure that children are up-to-date with their routine childhood vaccinations before you travel as well.  When should you have a vaccination depends mostly on which disease the vaccine is designed to protect against, as the protocols vary.  Learn more on our website   https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/