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Can I Take Yellow Fever Vaccine After Covid Vaccine

Yellow fever vaccine after covid shot

    Covid-19 infections are still occurring across the globe, albeit in much smaller numbers than they once were. It can still be a very serious illness that becomes more dangerous in more vulnerable populations.

    Yellow fever is another potentially serious virus but is found in far fewer locations than covid-19. Most cases of yellow fever occur in sub-Saharan Africa although parts of South America and the Caribbean are also at risk. This includes several tourist hotspots like Brazil, Panama, Peru and Kenya.

    Unlike covid-19, yellow fever isn’t an airborne illness spread through droplets from coughs and sneezes. You can’t catch or spread yellow fever by close contact with other people. Instead, it’s spread through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

    The best way to prevent yellow fever is to take precautions against mosquito bites and to get the yellow fever vaccine from your local yellow fever clinic. The vaccine is a proven and simple way to keep yourself from getting seriously ill while you’re abroad.

    Can I Get the Yellow Fever Vaccine after the Covid Vaccine?

    All vaccines have the same common goal, protecting you against potentially serious diseases. How they do this can vary depending on the disease they’re designed to combat. The covid-19 vaccine and yellow fever vaccines are two separate vaccinations that are only effective against their respective diseases.

    There’s currently no indication that the two vaccines can’t be taken together. There should be no adverse effects to your health and getting them at the same time will not reduce their efficacy. Anyone planning to travel to an area where yellow fever and covid-19 are a risk can feel safe about getting vaccinations against both viruses.

    Touchwood Pharmacy’s Yellow Fever Clinic

    If you’re worried about vaccinations or have questions about how to time when you get them, professionals like those at Touchwood Pharmacy’s yellow fever clinic can help. Our comprehensive yellow fever clinics in Bromley and Streatham can provide you with more than just vaccines. We also give our customers valuable information about topics like how to stay healthy abroad and other illnesses to be mindful of.

    Getting the covid vaccine and yellow fever vaccine will give you enhanced protection against two potentially deadly illnesses. You can book your travel vaccinations at Touchwood Pharmacy’s yellow fever clinics and travel clinics. Contact us today to book in for effective yellow fever vaccination in Sydenham and Walsall.