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10 Commonly Used Blood Tests for Older Adults

It’s impossible to design a customized wellness program for achieving optimal health without a good understanding of what’s going on inside your body.  The good news is that it’s simple to determine your specific needs, deficiencies, and imbalances with a series of blood tests.   Getting regular blood work or blood

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How to Deal with Sniffing, Sneezing - touchwood pharmacy

How to Deal with Sniffing, Sneezing, and Other Winter Allergies

When you think of seasonal allergies, winter is probably not the season that first comes to mind. However, seasonal allergies can happen at any time of the year. So if you have prolonged sniffs and sneezes during the colder winter months, you may be experiencing winter allergies. What Causes Winter

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Heart Attacks In Winter - Touchwood Pharmacy

Why Do More People Get Heart Attacks In Winter?

During the winter months, we are more likely to catch viruses like colds and the flu. Research has also shown that the rate of heart attacks increases during winter as well. Here are a few reasons as to why people are more likely to have a heart attack when it’s

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