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Rabies Symptoms

Is Rabies a Disease You Should Be Worried About?

Rabies is no longer as widespread as it once was, but cases do still occur in the UK and abroad. It can be found in every continent and in over 150 countries. Rabies is a serious viral infection that almost always ends in death if it isn’t treated right away.

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Vital rabies vaccine importance

The Importance of the Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is not present in the UK other than in some of the wild bat population but it is a disease which is endemic in different parts of the world. If you are travelling to certain countries then it is important to take precautions against rabies and understand where the risks lie. 

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Why are Rabies Vaccinations Important for Pet Travel?

Rabies is a very serious and thankfully very rare brain infection which also affects the central nervous system that is most usually caught from the scratch or bite of an infected animal. It is a disease found throughout the world but especially in Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

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How Long Does the Rabies Vaccine Keep you Immune?

You should consider having the rabies vaccine if you are travelling to parts of the world where rabies is endemic and you plan to stay for a few weeks or when there is limited access to medical facilities due to the remoteness of the location.

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Understanding Rabies – prevention and cure

Rabies is a preventable viral disease most commonly transmitted through the bite of a Rabid animal. The disease affects animals in the same way that it affects humans by attacking the central nervous system and ultimately affecting the brain and leading to death.   

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How to protect you and your pet from Rabies?

The UK has been free from rabies since the beginning of the 20th century with the exception of the disease present in a small amount of the wild bat population.  It is, therefore, a relatively rare but nevertheless very serious disease.  If you are thinking of travelling to various parts of the world, there is a distinct risk of rabies in Central and South America, Asia and Africa.

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