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Chickenpox vaccination

How to Prevent Chicken Pox from Becoming a Serious Illness?

Chickenpox is an extremely contagious disease that is quite common in children because it spreads quickly in classrooms once one child has become infected. The sickness is more uncomfortable than it is serious. However, it can be more serious for adults if they contract chickenpox.   The best way to prevent

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Manage chickenpox effectively with nearby vaccine options

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Chickenpox

Though chickenpox is a mild illness, it’s highly infectious and can cause distress and discomfort for those who have it, especially children. Here’s what to bear in mind for managing chickenpox. DO this for Chickenpox Treat the itch Chickenpox is famed for its itchy spots, but scratching can lead to

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Chickenpox vaccine: age, benefits, and risks

Chickenpox Vaccine: Recommended Age, Benefits And Risks Of Not Being Immunised

The Chickenpox vaccine protects against the Varicella Zoster virus that causes the illness known as chickenpox. The Chickenpox Vaccine is not routinely offered as part of the standard childhood vaccination schedule unless someone is in close contact within their family group to a person who is particularly vulnerable to chickenpox and its complications.

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How to prevent chickenpox

How To Prevent Chickenpox?

Chickenpox mostly affects children and is not usually a serious condition but it can make little ones feel quite miserable for a while and the spots are very itchy.  Chickenpox is very contagious and the only way to prevent chickenpox is to have the chickenpox shot. 

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