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How does chickenpox kill?

Chickenpox is not usually known as a killer disease but in some serious cases, it can cause complications and occasionally even death.  The illness is mainly viewed as a childhood illness but if it is contracted during adulthood, it can be far more severe and may be fatal if it develops in late pregnancy.  The chickenpox vaccination can protect infants, children and adults against chickenpox and any subsequent problems associated with the disease.

How does meningitis spread?

Meningitis is caused by both bacteria and viruses – there are several different types. The main ways to spread meningitis are sneezing, coughing, kissing and sharing utensils and cutlery.  Some people carry the virus or bacteria in their nose or throat but are not made ill by it so this is why it can be spread inadvertly.  These people are described as asymptomatic which means they are not showing any symptoms.