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Ear syringing service

Ear Syringing

At Touchwood Pharmacy, we provide private ear syringing services to our clients. This service is offered by some NHS employed GPs however, because not all GPs offer ear syringing in the UK, it is wise to know whether your local pharmacy is also a provider. Ear syringing can equally be Read more…
Ear syringing service

Ear Wax Removal

Wax production in the ear canal is a natural process. Some people may use cotton swabs to remove excess wax build up, but this method is not recommended due to the risk involved to your eardrum. You may have ear wax build up if you are experiencing sudden hearing loss, Read more…
Ear syringing service

Ear Microsuction

If you have recently noticed symptoms such as sudden loss of hearing, pressure in your ear, tinnitus or earache, you may be experiencing an ear wax build up. At Touchwood Pharmacy we offer private wax removal services carried out by trained professionals including ear microsuction. You can obtain our ear Read more…